Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Friendship Swap

Oh.  My.  Dear.  Was I ever totally spoiled me.  After a bleah day at work and the "worst blizzard of the century's coming your way" reports we've been getting all day, finding my giftie in the mailbox was a treat.  Fortunately, my camera was charged and ready to capture every wonderful thing inside.  So, settle in and prepare to have your jaw drop a little further with each passing pic:

First, I opened a standard USPS mailing box to see this:

Love the heartsy tissue paper. 

Which revealed a treasure trove of all things sweet and pink:

An altered paint tin of Hershey Nuggets. 
A cupcake notepad, custom cover, and matching pen.

A cutesy pot-holder (which is truly too cute to use) and ...

A beautiful, handmade card and note inside.

Audrey, thank you so much for everything.  This totally made my day.  I'm humbled by the time, effort, and thought you put into making this gift so special.  Pink.  Cupcakes.  Tiny Treats.  It's got your signature all over it.  I love it!!  You are an amazing crafter & a great online friend.  {{hugs}}



Kara said...

ohhhh...how lucky are u? gorgeous box full of goodies!!

Jen Carter said...

How sweet! What a cute gift!